Norms: You Notice When They’re Gone

The concept of norms has gained prominence in both my professional life as a physician and in the American political landscape. As Yale political historian Joanne Freeman observes, the constitutional framework for our government is just that: a framework. The actual practice and outworking of government is saturated with norms. When a person who thinks … Continue reading Norms: You Notice When They’re Gone

2016 Recount: Reanalysis

This citizen-author visited for the first time on November 28, 2016. Literally, the first time. For a reader used to an 800-word opinion piece, the 140-character mode of communication seems rapid fire, even jarring. Because the President-elect has spoken on the same topic, an update to yesterday's post is required. Twitter. Perhaps we should … Continue reading 2016 Recount: Reanalysis