twitter-2This citizen-author visited for the first time on November 28, 2016. Literally, the first time. For a reader used to an 800-word opinion piece, the 140-character mode of communication seems rapid fire, even jarring.

Because the President-elect has spoken on the same topic, an update to yesterday’s post is required.

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Twitter. Perhaps we should all begin to accept that this is the new normal: Short statements, which unfortunately allow for only minimal, if any, supporting evidence.

Please note that these statements take the argument surrounding the recount and thrust them squarely into the lower-left quadrant in yesterday’s 2×2 table: the end results will be the same according to the claim, but the process will be discovered to be fraudulent.


This new claim, manifested in Tweets by the President-elect, both distracts from and overshadows the Green Party-initiated recounts. Naturally, when a claim is made, one wonders what others are saying about it. And we are thoughtful citizens, so we examine a variety of sources.

The intention of this blog is not political partisanship, but to encourage deliberate good habits of citizenship. This includes reflection and analysis, listening and understanding. These things will lead to wise decision making supported by evidence, and communicating with measured statements.

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